reviews of sultan golden curry

Our restaurant was founded in 2020, and we have had many happy customers.

When we say we are the best Indian restaurant in Malaga, we say it because that's what our customers say.

I think this restaurant (Sultan Golden Curry) is the best Indian restaurant in Malaga. We have been to many Indian restaurants in Malaga but here at Sultan they literally have the best food with the best spices.
The staff are very friendly and the service is the best in Malaga!
Jasper williams(tripadvisor)
The food was very good, all homemade and fresh, the waiters were very friendly and always available. The outside area, the patio, is very well done, giving a very pleasant atmosphere, plus the cleanliness is up to date. I would recommend it to anyone.
eoin c.(tripadvisor)
A motivation to go to Malaga airport
Restaurant with a very good location, close to Malaga airport, where its excellent Indian food, the excellent service of the staff and the cleanliness of the premises stand out.
Without a doubt, a great experience that I will repeat when I go to the area.
Alberto silvest(tripadvisor)